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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay. Obviously fom the huge amount of comments and other activity on my blog, I see that it is knda boring and not all that great. So. I am going to post a question below here and I would like some comments on it please.AND NOT JUST FROM ONE PERSON! thank you Katelyn for your participation. So hopefully I can get some more umpf to my blog and it make it cooler. I guess when I get something worth putting on here I'll put a few pictures and maybe a homevideo once in a while.

So heres the question:
What are you major complaints about school?
Is my blog boring? Why?

I will do my best to make my blog more interesting bu I need some ideas also. I also need some comments on the Idea post last week.


  1. Nice question! Major complaints about school? well i guess mine are about getting no homework one day, and getting a bunch of homework that take hours the next day. It really gets on my nerves!

    Is your blog boring? no, you just need to post more things on your blog.

    I'm not a big fan of posting comments so that's why I haven't really commented on anything else. I will try to comment more though :D

  2. Major complaints about school... homework. Homework, homework, homework.

    Is your blog boring? Naw, like Sara said, if you posted more frequently that would be cool.

    I still haven't come up with an idea, my brain is in lockdown mode right now...

  3. major complaints? ummmm when girl teaches (and i guess you could say boys to but not really) PMS. its annoying because they are super mean and yell all the time. hormones suck.

    boring? naw, not really... but i agree with sara. you need more thingss!

    PLEASEEEEEE follow me and brady at! thanks bunches!

  4. School?... i gotta admit I would rather spend my days somewhere else but I'm stuck in school so I guess I'll deal with it :p

    Your blog? agree with Sara (for once)